Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Will Never Forget the Way You Made Me Feel

                                         Can you see the love on his face?

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."  Maya Angelou
This morning while trying to encourage my son to get ready for school, he instead, was glued to the pictures (snapshots of himself and his sister) on the wall in the hallway. He was using phrases like, "Ah, a trip down memory lane" and "A good time was had by all". (Whoever heard of a 10 year old boy say that says those kinds of things?) So I was somewhat amused at his comments. Then I heard him say, "I miss her sooooooooo much!" I immediately knew he was speaking of Ms. Z his Kindergarten teacher. 
He ran and hugged me and said, "Do you know what I want most for my birthday?" (which is April 12th)   
"Of course I do! Jonathan.  "The DS Pokemon White game you've been talking about, right?"  
To which he replied, "No Mom...I want one more hug from Ms. Zino."  
What an impact this woman made on my son. He is almost 11 now. Kindergarten was half his life ago, yet he still remembers her love in his life. Kudos to the educators that pour their love and life into our kids. They really can make a difference. And this young woman sure has.  He still thinks about her and yearns for her touch on his life.  He had a different Kindergarten teacher in the beginning of the year. That teacher was not inclined to make accommodations for Jonathan because he needed more time and energy than the average child to be included successfully. The first K teacher really could not be bothered.  Ms Z, however,  became fully involved doing whatever it took to help my son not only be successful but thrive in her room.  He was blessed to remain her her class the following year as well.   We both got pretty attached!
So grateful today to the men and woman who love our children and have life-long impact on them.  Their dedication profoundly effects, not just the children but the families as well. I know my son will never forget his Ms. Z. 

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  1. I hope and pray that a teacher like that comes into my childs life. I know that he could be so much better in school if he had some one who cared and tryed. My son Samuel does not talk much but I know he is smart. I want him to talk to me and tell me things. Your son sounds real smart to. I wish only for a happy life and friends for my boy. I think maybe he is very lonely. This makes me sad.

  2. Wow, thanks for making me cry......Way to go Ms. Zino.

  3. Both of my children have had one teacher they can point to as having a profound impact on their lives. How blessed Jonathan is to have begun school with that kind of impact. Ms. Zino, you have no idea what fruit has developed in Jonathan due to your loving guidance. I can guarantee you've impacted him for life.

  4. Teachers have such an incredible impact upon their students- the good and the bad: I hope that all teachers can remember that the children look up to them and really raise the bar the way this teacher did. Her love and dedication has changed the world without her; her students would have traveled a different path. All of us need to sit and ponder the impact and legacy we leave behind. Thank you to Mrs. Z and all the teachers like her in the world. You truly make our world a better place.

  5. All of our children are wonderful in OUR eyes, we wonder how others can fail to see it! Seems that Ms. Z has the same vision for J that you do! Wonderful job, Ms. Zino! Thank you for your dedication to your (sometimes thankless) job.
    Beautiful post, Donna.

  6. I adored this post - I love the Miss Zinos of the world - we have so many here - miss Caroline Hill, Gypsi Leigh, Alison Miss Shari, Sadie etc

  7. What a fabulous post! son says interesting things as well..he has been known to tell me "I feel a bit peckish" when he wants a snack..yes he sometimes turns into an elderly British man..:)

    It is so nice to hear good stories about educators in our kids lives. We too have been lucky in that dept.