Sunday, July 24, 2011

It Makes Perfect Cents!

I wrote this poem for my dear son who often can only see things from one perspective.  I guess we all have trouble with that from time to time, don't we?  I color coded this for clarity:
Red: Person A
Blue: Person B
Black: Both together

I hold up a quarter and ask what you see?
The face of a president is looking at me.
He was brave and wise and served our great land.
It's so obvious to me what you hold in your hand.

I look at the quarter and I am quite sure.
The picture I see is more like a bird.
An Eagle is posing, he's bold and he's strong.
Agree with me so we'll both get along.

I'm thinking that glasses may help you to peek.
George Washington has no feathers or beak.
But surely, my friend, you notice the wings?
How could a president be seen with such things?

It's a bird!
It's a man!
We can't understand.
We look and we see,
But we see differently.

How can this be?

I get it!  I know!!  We are both right my friend.
Now I'll explain so this disagreement can end.
The coin has two sides, I tell you, it's true.
Just flip it over, you'll see what I do.

On one side a man, our first president is there.
The other side, an eagle, with arrows to bear.
We each thought the other was out of their mind.
It was clear, we knew we were so right this time.

But some things have two sides that are right.
And two ways of looking doesn't call for a fight.
Each time you can see a quarter in view.
Remember some people see things differently than you.



  1. This is wonderful. My 13 year old son is an Aspie and he will argue and know he is right about the silliest things. All day long. His friends get tired of it. I think this poem might actually help him to understand. Thanks. I'm printing and posting on his bedroom door!

  2. This is a great reminder for EVERYONE!

  3. Wonderful post on your blog!

  4. Donna,

    We all must remember, as your poem so clearly illustrates, that we are looking at things through our own lens. Knowing that helps one recognize the limitations of our perspective. Thank you for showing us the other side of the coin. Your perspective as the parent of a child with ASD enriches our understanding. I will put your blog on my favorites.


  5. Beautiful--and very true, Donna! Thanks for sharing!

  6. i am in utter "AWWWWW" w/big tears in my eyes.... NO one could of said it any better than u did in ur poem... thank you so much for that....

  7. Donna, what a beautuful way to show/describe the importance of perspective. I'm going to use this with my son...we still stuggle with these concepts at times. Thank you!!!!!

  8. Smiling the whole way thru the poem! Love it!