Tuesday, March 15, 2011

He's a Poet and he Didn't Know It! (Neither Did I...)

My son decided to write some poetry tonight.  He just kind of whipped out the verse...giggling as he made it up:

"Gilbert was such a greedy glutton, as he gnawed upon a leg of mutton.
He couldn't believe his sea-blue eyes, when the leg kicked him by surprise.
Now he only eats rolls and bread, because he knows that they are really dead."

It rhymes...that is good.  I'm also impressed by his vocabulary. And his creativity.  But what strikes me the most is his seemingly planned humor.  I just love it!

And "they" told me he might never talk.  

"Look Mom, I'm writing poetry, and it makes people laugh"

What a guy.


  1. Wow! He IS a poet! Good job, Jonathan. Was that for a grade? A+

  2. Mother goose couldn't have said it better! I can picture that stenciled on a back splash in the kitchen!