Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Holy Scrubby?

A Holy Scrubby.

I promise this is not one of those “seeing Jesus in a piece of toast” proclamations. But this is my son's recent explanation of some of the spiritual things he's been contemplating.

One night after Jonathan had his bath, and was tucked into bed, he came out to the living room where I was typing on my laptop. My first impulse was to tell him to go back to bed, but there was something he really wanted to share, and I decided to give him permission. I'm so glad I did.

He started by telling me that he was in his bed thinking about Jesus. (That is a good way to get my attention!) He continued by asking me what I called the thing I used when I washed dishes.

A scrubby? (I really wasn't sure)

That was indeed what he was referring to.

He said, “I was thinking how Jesus is like a Srubby. One side is rough, and one side is soft. Sometimes, He can be hard on sin, you know, like the Bible Story about the men who were selling things in the temple. But there is another side of Him that is soft, like when you need a friend or you're sorry you've done something wrong.”

My son, the little boy with autism, who did not understand a word I said until he was 3, is now thinking deep thoughts. I wondered if he would ever understand anything about God's love. Now, he is able to think and express his thoughts about God's love with me. Profound insights. Awesome truths.

Yes, Jonathan, Jesus is like a Scrubby.

For me, washing dishes will never quite be the same again.

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  1. Jonathan continues to amaze me! God has done an "awesome" work in him. :)


  2. Donna you & Jonathan continue to bless me! So excited to know where he was, to see where he is & to wonder where he will continue to go. Thank you Jesus!

  3. I love your son. He's such a cutie patootie!!

  4. Wonderful for your young man to come up with and share that beautiful illustration. I think I'll be sharing that with my Pastor. Maybe he will use it in he sermon someday. God bless you.

  5. What a lovely post-what a wonderful boy you have. No-I wouldn't look at doing the dishes the same either! :)

  6. I LOVE this article!!! I have two sons (8 and 13) who have both been diagnosed with autism... I could see either one telling me this... it is how they think!! I know how difficult it is for them to understand the abstract ideas that we all take for granted in our religious beliefs, but God speaks to them in their own language...