Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Many Apples In One Seed?

"Any fool can count the seeds in an apple. Only God can count all the apples in one seed."
Robert H Schuller

I read this and remembered how the "experts" told me that my son might never talk or know I was his Mama. I was advised he might never have a meaningful relationship with us, and we needed to prepare ourselves for the possibility of autism having a profound effect on him in every way. One Neurologist told me my son was most likely mentally challenged as well, and that I would do my family a service if I found a nice home for him and tried again.

These people might have been well meaning. I'm sure they were attempting to get me to face what they felt was reality. But these professionals were counting seeds.
Thank the Lord, I did not heed their counsel.

Instead, I listened to God who told me NOTHING was impossible! I read how God could do exceedingly, abundantly above ALL we could ask or even think. Then I remembered God's promise that His plan was to give me hope and a future.

Occasionally I stray from keeping my eyes on God's Word, and the fear of the “what ifs” will plague my heart and mind. But I reset my focus on God's promises, and remember how far my precious son had come and once again my hope is renewed.

God has done a wonderful work. The days, weeks, months and years have only resulted in bushels of fruit. Despite what we were told by experts, our son, Jonathan, has grown into a fine young man. Compassionate, creative, bright, social, conversational and loving. He not only knows I'm his Mom, he broadcasts it. What a joy and blessing he is to us.

God has allowed me to be part of harvesting some of these apples. There is actually quite a nice orchard growing now. I am grateful.


  1. What an amazing post !
    and you were so right to not give up on him and how wonderful and strengthening your faith is

  2. Such an inspiration!
    Just so you remember me you came to my blog: http://lionstigersandautism.blogspot.com

    I have added you to my list of blogs to follow.
    I also look forward to following your posts!

  3. Donna, I'm so excited for you and also proud about your writing "gig". I soooo enjoy reading your "stuff". All your momisms (ha!) and such...your'e funny, fun, insightful and encouraging !

  4. Hi. My name is Kristine and I have 5 boys. 4 of them are on the spectrum as well as my husband. We could be telling the same story as far as my son Jamie goes. Down to the exact same termanology from the drs. Instead we decided to go with what God said about our sons. They are fearfully and wonderfully made and God has great things in store for them. We have seen amazing progress using different educational techniques with our boys (and my hubby...but that is a story for another day. I tell people all the time that I wouldn't change a hair on their heads in cluding the autism because like anything in life there are som many good things that come with it. My boys think so differently than me and are a constant joy and reminder of Gods awesome diversity. I wanted to say AMEN sister. There are many of us out there who chose hope instead of despair. It is great to read others who have our same mindset.- Kristine Skiff

  5. What a lovely post-what a wonderful boy you have. No-I wouldn't look at doing the dishes the same either! :)

  6. can somebody please explain what is the meaning og this quote??