Friday, February 18, 2011

Taking Care of God's Birds

Early this morning while waiting for the school bus, Jonathan and I were bird-watching from our deck. He took great delight in spotting them, and trying to decide what kind they were, and whether they were male or female. We threw out some bread, and different birds took turns pecking at their breakfast. Jonathan was very quiet, only speaking in a whisper as he said, “I feel so special that God let me take care of His birds this morning.”

Sweet boy with a golden heart.

The more I pondered his statement, the more meaning it had to me. Not only for my son to express his gratefulness to God, but also that he was showing signs of a caring person, not just looking out for his needs but the needs of God's creatures.

We should all be “taking care of God's birds”. Perhaps the care you show your “bird” is patience as you care for your son or daughter on the spectrum, or helping an elderly relative. Maybe it is making cookies for a lonely neighbor or teaching a Sunday school class. We need to look for the “birds” God sends to us and do our part in taking care of them.

Perhaps, at least in my life, every time I see a bird, it will be a reminder to me.
Noticing, caring and serving.

God's lessons from the mouth of my son.

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  1. Great thoughts here - God's "sparrows" in our lives should not be overlooked.

  2. I think I will think about this every time I see a bird as well. what a great visual. Thanks to your boy. (:

  3. Donna I have just read through all of your blog and I am impressed, I have laughed, cried, smiled and said AWE! You have a precious son and God is teaching us all lesson through him and you!

  4. I shared this in Sunday School yesterday, hope you don't mind! So sweet.