Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Butterfly Boy

When my son was young, it seemed as if autism was a monster controlling him. It was a scary time, to say the least. We were not given a great prognosis about his future, at best, his potential was unknown. Then, I noticed he became intrigued by butterflies, literally dancing with glee as he watched them. I remember once, him crawling inside a net basket, and as he came out he "flew" around the room. He was enacting a butterfly coming out of the cocoon! All this was prior to him having a single word he understood or could verbalize. Amazing.

At one point, there was this "aha" moment for me as I realized that a butterfly was very symbolic about my son. In 2 minutes flat, I wrote the poem below. I wanted to share it, and hope you enjoy!

The Butterfly Boy
copyright © 2004 Donna M Cooper

My son, my love
Once trapped inside a cocoon, alone in the dark
Yet, One more powerful than I was working a miracle
While I feared you would forever remain aloof, distant
The Creator of all could see the day when you would metamorphose
You broke from your small abode, no longer crawling
But fluttering in the sun, soaking up the rays
Bringing delight to all who would stop to gaze and reflect on the wondrous transformation
My son, I see your passion for the vibrant winged insect and I ponder...
Do you love them so, because they are so much like yourself?
You too were once encased, enclosed, hibernating
Now, you've emerged even more beautiful than I could imagine
Full of life, full of energy, full of love
Fly my precious butterfly, enjoy the world around you
There is so much for you to learn
Thank you for coming out of your cocoon
I am awed at the wonder of it all
And so very blessed to behold your beauty


  1. This brought me to tears. Beautiful.

  2. Tears and chillbumps. Lovely.

  3. That was beautiful Donna!