Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Dozen Thoughts - What Every Parent of an ASD Child Wished Their Child's Teacher Knew

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1) It is never a shock that my child has behavior issues. I live with him. I know.
2) Tell me 2 good things about my child when you have to tell me something bad. Think of it as a sandwich. Good/Bad/Good.
3) Let me know you like my child.
4) Realize that I often feel guilty that he is in your class, because I know he takes up so much more of your time and effort than typical children do.
5) Even though my child has non-compliance issues, I am not a wimpy parent. I work harder, correct more, brainstorm more, set up reward programs, try to be diligently consistent, read more, worry more than parents of typical children.
6) Include me in on decisions about my child.
7) Ask me what works at home.
8) Try to go easy on the homework. We have enough struggles around here! Understand, if you assign homework we may or may not be able to get it done.
9) If my son says the tag in his shirt bothers him, cut it out, you totally have my permission. If you don't cut it out, plan on a bad day.
10) Remember that my child is a few years behind socially and emotionally. He may need help remembering to bring home jackets and lunch boxes. I have extras, but when they start to pile up at school, send them home.
11) Try to use my child's strengths in the classroom if you can. It will make his self-esteem soar.
12) Applaud me for getting him to school on time. You have no idea...


  1. You saved the best one for last. I totally relate. I wonder what it would be like if teachers had the time (maybe at an IEP) - if a checklist was written by parent and by teacher and we compared notes. They would probably see things a lot clearer about how we live!

  2. Love these! As parents we have a responsibility to help educate our children's teachers. This is a brief but insightful list that should be shared with everyone who works with our precious children!