Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Funny Side of Autism

People with autism tend to take everything literally, which can make for difficult times. You have to explain every Idiom.  But it can also make for humorous moments...

Jonathan comes to me:
"Mom...I'm soooooooooooo hungry. Can I have a snack?" 
(It was 4:45, and if he had a snack at that point, he would never eat dinner.)

So, I said "No, honey, dinner is right around the corner" 

He immediately grabbed my hand and replied, "Well come on then. Let's take a walk around the corner!!"

Gotta love it!


  1. Love it! You never know what they're going to say.

  2. Donna, you must keep a journal with J's responses so he can read them when he gets older. I bet he'll get a kick out of what he used to say! :)

  3. On my older son's 11th birthday, John tried to talk me into letting them have the cake before dinner. I refused and said he wouldn't eat his dinner if he had cake first. He stomped away in tears only to come back five minutes later perfectly composed.
    "Mom, here's the deal. Have you ever seen me not eat dinner after cake?"
    "No. I've never let you have cake before dinner."
    "Then how do you know I won't eat dinner if I have cake?"

    Despite all my mother experience wisdom (and history of his eating habits) I was so floored by the logic he used, we ended up with a compromise. We did the cake and candles before dinner but the kids were only allowed half a piece, with the other half for after dinner. Needless to say, John ate his dinner... just to prove his point. ;-)

  4. Awesome!! So refreshing!! Hurrah Jonathan, when we get older we tend to forget how to be direct and concrete. Our beautiful kids with autism are more insightful than we are.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOL. Gotta love our kids!!