Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Details - Jonathan's Perspective

While getting ready for school, Jonathan said something very profound.

"Mom, the God who created the whole entire universe made me. I think He cares about details."

At first I laughed. Then I realized how truly significant this thought process was for him. For my precious son is autistic, and it is hard for him to grasp that anyone could feel or think differently than he does. But, at least for a brief moment, he saw him self as a "detail" God cared about....not the center of God's creation. His horizon is becoming wider.

He's not belittling himself, just putting things in perspective.

Yes, Jonathan...God does care about the details. : )


  1. I was struggling this morning to translate "detailing" into Spanish, and this post makes me smile... God did not only create the world and the universe, but "detailed" it!!!

  2. Details make all the difference. What a plain world we'd have without the Jonathans, the Donnas. . .

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  4. He is right "God is in the details" is actually a quote from Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe