Tuesday, February 15, 2011

That Breaks My Heart

Ouch. That hurt...

I was trying to get some work done on my laptop and repeatedly asked my son, Jonathan, to lay at the other end of the couch. He was trying to snuggle, but he has a tough time sitting still, so it was more like cuddling with a windshield wiper. Somewhere around the 20th time I asked him to move, my request had a certain "tone" of OBEY NOW!

He looked at me with a very disappointed expression and replied,

"Mom, you really break my heart when you don't want me next to you."

Oh, baby... I'm so sorry.
Nothing is more important than taking time to let you know you're loved.
Not paying bills or
Responding to emails or
Reading blogs or
Teaching an Online Course for UCF or
Ebay or
Forgive me for acting like the most important thing isn't the most important thing.
When you were 3
You did not want to cuddle or hug.
I prayed that you would learn to enjoy being loved.
Now you do
And I tell you to move away.
Shame on me.
Forgive me, honey.
Someday, you might think you're too big to cuddle.
So I will remember to cherish
Every hug
Every kiss
Every moment
Every day.

You can read more about our AWEtism experience by clicking: 
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  1. I think most of us have done that with our kids, Donna. When I think of the times I put FB or whatever ahead of my kids, I feel so guilty. My son didn't show much affection when he was little, but, believe it or not, at age 13, he hugs and kisses me all of the time. If I get upset with him, he hugs and kisses me and holds on for the longest time. So, I understand. We just have to make the effort, like you did, to push unimportant things aside and enjoy those special moments with our kids. You write beautifully and you're a great mom, Donna. :)

  2. This sounds so familiar. When I'm stressed, I'm rather prickly about hugs and snuggles. It can be tough sometimes not to turn away... but it's something that means so much and takes so little.
    Beautifully written.

  3. I love your heart Donna, our children are little for just a short time, my oldest is 25 and i have to ask him to fit some mom time in. So its important for us to put away the distractions and hold on to them tight, cherish them <((>< I pray that God blesses you and your little one..

  4. Gosh! I do that with my DOG sometimes...let alone the people in my life! Gak!!

  5. Sometimes we forget the little things that our kids have finally conquered. It's easy to forget when our lives make us so busy, but it is important to remember. Just the fact that your son could verbally express himself is quite remarkable. The fact that you listened makes you a good mom. : )