Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gentleman Training 101

I've been working on Gentleman Training 101 with Jonathan.
Teaching him to open doors and wait, and what to say after he is thanked.
It is working!
Mike was sick, so he did not go to church. Only Jonathan and I went. Jonathan held the door open for me as we were coming into our church, I thanked him, to which he replied, "My pleasure," With a sweet voice.
I had no idea there was a group of 10 or so ladies standing in earshot. There was a simultaneous "awwwww" and then they clamored to adopt him, with offers of candy.

When we got on the elevator Jonathan said, "Man, this gentleman stuff has great benefits!"
That's my boy!


  1. Love it! He's one smart boy to realize the benefits of being a gentleman. ;)

  2. More than he may ever realize!

  3. I linked this in a post on my blog. Seems we have two Gentlemen in Training! :)

  4. It's on ongoing program I think Donna. But the more recognition of good behaviour you and others can give your son to positively reinforce this the more likely they will become life-long habits :-)

    Today's Gentleman