Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's not Autism...It's AWEtism!

Long ago, when my son was turning 4, we witnessed some dramatic changes in his life. We witnessed God at work, reshaping the way our son related to the world. While he was once alone on his island, he was beginning to allow people to cross the bridge and once in a while would even choose to cross that bridge into our world. I would often overflow with thanksgiving for the miracle I was viewing. At the end of the school year, I wrote this poem for Jonathan's teacher, who was so instrumental in helping us reach our son. People who read this poem encouraged me to make T-shirts with the message. They told me the poem gave them hope and helped them to see autism from a different prospective. The message is original and positive. Eventually I opened up a little online store. If you're interested you can visit it at

I'd like to share the poem with you:

"It's Spelled Wrong"

A mistake has been made
The word doctors and neurologists
use to diagnose our children is autism
but it should be AWEtism
Just think...

Awe at my son's progress
Awe at each accomplishment
Awe that we've been blessed to be part of a miracle
Awe to see God's hand at work in my son's life
Awe to meet such wonderful people
Awe for each little step in the right direction
Awe for the love I never knew I had

It's not Autism, it's AWEtism!

Copyright © 2003 Donna M Cooper and The AWEtism Shoppe. All Rights Reserved.

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